Hello and welcome to my blog, after 5 years of working for large promotional  agency’s such as, IFM events, Promo Power, Cheecky Cheecks and many others as a free lance face painter. I am going it alone all very exciting and scary for me.

After a car accident 2 years ago my main job was interrupted and I was unable to stand long periods of time, so I invested more time into my face painting and balloon twisting, I retrained as a sit down artist making it easier to carry on as a face painter.

My web sight went live in march 2013 and I am very happy with the end result I can highly recommend www.fennpress.co.uk thank you bob xxxx.

After my class with Heather Green from America’s Silly Farm in 2012 I knew I was ready to take on the world.

Face painting is a wonderful world, you get to work with children and adults all wanting to have fun and that’s great. I am always getting together with other face painters to update my skills and training on the latest paints. I can honestly say I have wonderful face painty pals eg Caroline from Carolines Creations, Asha from ChumberWomba to name but a few, we all work united as we have the same ethos, to give our best 100%of the time. I am always working along side these guys as we all are at the same level within our artists flair. We have nick names shhhh Caroline is batman because she is the organiser , I am robin coz I am her trusty companion and Asha is bat woman coz she is the flair with all her fine glitter free hand and henna work. Our saying is Here we come to save the day. Sillly I no.

I will be attending these training events in 2013 , Paradise jam Feb, March, April, May, Essex birds jam in Oct and FAB in Dec. These are a a few I will attending and many more as the dates are set. I will make sure I enter a Blog update .

Watch this space!

Thanks for reading over and out